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Flash Drive

Two brothers, skilled beta testers for game development companies, are testing a new assassin game for an obscure company when the FBI raids the house. The feds confiscate their computers and game systems, and arrest the parents.

Back in the nation's capital, the U.S. Senate is mourning the loss of Senator Armand Vega, a republican and a champion for changes in federal laws, specifically with regards to civil rights. The senator was assassinated in Savannah, Georgia at the beginning of a campaign rally in front of hundreds of supporters by a remote-controlled drone.

Who is behind the assassination? Was it friends and allies of the late Whalen Stillwell, a former political opponent who was gunned down in front of the Chatham County Courthouse? Or are there other, more powerful forces in play?

Peden Savage gets the call from his former partner at the FBI, Megan Moore. She is the Special Agent in Charge of the investigation. With little evidence except a drone that self-destructed after completing its mission, where do they even start in...Flash Drive?

Block Watch

Five teens beat a man to death when he tries to tell them to get away from his house. The teens had been disrupting the peace and quiet of the neighborhood for weeks, shouting profanities, playing loud music from a parked car, and dealing drugs. Calls to the police department get no results for the residents of this once peaceful neighborhood.

A group of neighbors get together to form a block watch group, but the teens intimidate the group as they leave the meeting. Two of the neighbors meet away from the block watch group and decide to take matters into their own hands.

One-by-one, the teens disappear without a trace. The block returns to a peaceful setting, until parents of the missing teens start to raise suspicions about the block watch group and go public with accusations of murder.

The FBI is called in to investigate the missing persons reports. The feds contact Peden Savage for assistance. Will the missing teens resurface? Will Peden and his former partner at the FBI, Megan Moore, track down the perpetrators in Block Watch?