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Text Box: ". . . a thriller that kept me wanting more." 
A Lifetime of Vengeance was a thriller that kept me wanting more.  Grondin's ability to paint vivid images of the characters made me feel as though I was part of the story rather than a reader.   Many times, A Lifetime of Vengeance made me think, "What would I do?"  This is a story that you won't want to end!    Kathy N.     Ohio

Text Box: "I truly enjoyed A Lifetime of Deception . . ."
  The story line pulled me in right away and the characters were well developed and likable.  I am thinking you can quit your day job."  Don C.  Michigan 



















Text Box: "It's a fast-paced thriller and the characters are so well-drawn . . ."
If ever we are in need of someone to track down the "bad guys", we would definitely want the McKinney brothers around! P.J. Grondin's first book "A Lifetime of Vengeance" was a winner all the way, and this one is even better, if possible! 
Joe and Pat McKinney are ex-military men who are called upon to help solve the mystery of who is taking advantage of our boys in uniform, enticing and robbing them of all their worldly belongings. But when it involves murder, they must step up the pace and catch them before more dead bodies show up. 
It's a fast-paced thriller and the characters are so well-drawn, we find ourselves becoming sympathetic with the main perpetrator because of her mean upbringing. You are in for one heck of a ride and a surprise ending that you never see coming! This is the book for readers who love edge-of-your-seat suspense thrillers. Highly recommended.  Lila P.  Washington State

Text Box: "Grisham and McGuire are my favorite authors and Grondin didn't disappoint me!" 
I got my "crave on" for more McKinney! Looking forward to book 2! A Lifetime of Vengeance was one of those books that read fast, you keep reading to know what happens next. Grisham and McGuire are my favorite authors and Grondin didn't disappoint me! I recommend this book!
Dorothy B.     Ohio


































Text Box: "An outstanding thriller novel"            
         Becky and Bobby are not what you could call normal.  And their scam system is, to them anyway, foolproof and easy. Lure unsuspecting sailors into a relationship, which at the very least will cost them all their worldly goods. But turns into murder and mayhem with a mystery guest included!! An outstanding thriller novel.  Pete Grondin's personal knowledge of the submariners life and the locations in the book make the story read that much better.  The good guys in the story Pat and Joe McKinney have their hands full cracking this case.  And that makes this a cracking good murder mystery.  Good reading for a dark moonless night. 
Jacamo The Blademan, Portland, Oregon
















A Lifetime of Vengeance - Read the Full Reviews Below


Text Box: "Spell binding from beginning to end" 
A Lifetime of Vengeance is a story that you wonít (or canít) put down.  For me to read a novel from beginning to end, especially in one sitting, says something about the quality and captivation of the plot.  Spellbinding from beginning to end.  Canít wait to see it on the BIG SCREEN!    Ron D.    Ohio

Text Box: " . . . Absolutely One of the Best . . ."
A Lifetime of Deception is absolutely one of the best books I've ever read!!!  Spectacular!!"    Kathy N.     Ohio 

Text Box: "Fast-paced and Intelligent, adult 
readers should enjoy . . ."
Our service men put their very lives on the stake for the United States. All those who live here owe them a debt of gratitude. Unfortunately, there are predators preying on their vulnerability and they must be stopped. 
Pat and Joe are brothers with a past. Due to poor choices, a dear sister-in-law dies and she takes the will to live from Pat and Joe's brother Mike. While Pat and Joe do everything they can to serve justice to those responsible for their sister-in-law's murder, Mike slips into depression and eventually kills himself. Pat and Joe's family is never the same.
Joe and Pat both have military training and Joe is still in the reserves. When the predators kill a serviceman, Joe is called to investigate the deaths. Unfortunately, it is a bad time for his family. Pat and Joe's father has a heart attack and is in critical condition. Joe leaves for duty and then is informed that his girlfriend's father died. Joe focuses on his investigation and risks alienating the woman he loves.
The stakes keep getting higher as the body count increases with every serviceman targeted. Joe enlists Pat's help and calls up old friends along the way.
Fast paced and intelligent, adult readers should enjoy A Lifetime of Deception.
Sabrina, Premier Reviews

Text Box: "Enough grease & grit to keep it interesting" 
Peter Grondin sets the stage with this page-turning action, and hopefully more will be coming in the future. Get to know these characters, because I think they'll be back... unless of course they don't survive the "vengeance". Enough grease & grit to keep it interesting, and twists to keep you guessing... you won't be disappointed.    Gabriel B.    Ohio
Text Box: ". . . held my attention from the time I picked it up, until the jet touched down!." 
Great freshman offering ! The story held my attention from the time I picked it up, until the jet touched down!  Looking forward to the next offering from the imagination of PJ Grondin!  Rory S.    Pennsylvania