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    Pete P.J. Grondin, born the seventh of twelve children, moved around a number of times when he was young; from Sandusky, Ohio to Bay City, Michigan, then to Maitland and Zellwood, Florida before returning to Sandusky, OH. That is where he married the love of his life, Debbie Fleming.

After his service in the US Navy, in the Nuclear Power Program, serving on the ballistic missile submarine U.S.S. John Adams, Pete returned to his hometown of Sandusky, OH where he was elected to the Sandusky City Commission, serving a single term. He retired from a major, regional, electric utility after twenty-six years of service.

Flash Drive, P. J.'s eighth and most recent novel, was released in June, 2021. Flash Drive is the second novel in the Peden Savage series. Prior to Flash Drive, P. J. published his seventh and only non-series novel, Under the Blood Tree (released June 2017). Drug Wars, his sixth novel, the first in the Peden Savage series was published earlier in 2017.  His previous works in the McKinney Brothers Suspense series are A Lifetime of Vengeance, A Lifetime of Deception, A Lifetime of Exposure, A Lifetime of Terror, and A Lifetime of Betrayal.

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